Castra Frigus


Castra Frigus is a Bounty Hunt map for Far Cry 5 where the player has to take out three enemy targets and then escape the level. This map takes place in a military camp that has been set up around some warehouses, a waste disposal facility and a communications tower.


• Far Cry 5 Bounty Hunt Map.

• Made in the Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor.

• Created in 2 weeks full-time in October, 2018.

• The level can be downloaded at the Far Cry 5 Arcade.

An overview of the map. 

These are the current statistics of the level on the Far Cry 5 Arcade. (Screenshot taken 9th July, 2019)

Map Exploration

The player starts on an elevated cliffside that works as a vantage point for the player to potentially use their binoculars and scout ahead for different point of entries or mark enemies.  You at all times know where the targets are located so you know where to go.


The camp has fencing surrounding it and it's main entrances are well guarded. There are however multiple ways to  enter the base, either by jumping over broken parts of the fences or simply going through the actual entrances. Most of these can be seen from the vantage point or by sneaking around the outskirts of the base. 


The level has three targets that the player needs to neutralize.   

Target 1 is inside a small waste disposal facility and is being protected by one guard on the inside and two guards are stationed outside the building. They can be reached by entering through any of the building’s three doors or you could sneak through a pipe below ground level and surprise them from below.

Target 2 has barricaded himself on the lower floor of the the communications tower which can either be entered from the third floor by going through the helipad walkways or by jumping from a roof up on a balcony. 

Target 3 resides in a sniper tower and can be shot from most of the campgrounds, especially if the player has obtained a sniper. The target can also be accessed head-on from jumping up roofs or ladders to reach the sniper tower stairs.

Once the targets have been neutralized you have to escape by leaving the camp grounds.


Most enemies in the open areas are equipped with semi automatic rifles so that if you get detected and alert the guards they can reach the player with their gunfire without having pinpoint accuracy that would make the level too hard. There are only three enemies in the level are equipped with Snipers as well that the player needs to look out for before heading in to open areas. 

This promotes running from cover to cover as a consequence of being detected as well so that you can’t ignore all the enemies and just run through the whole level target to target without opposition. In contrast to those enemies, the ones that are in more confined and less open areas are equipped with handguns or shotguns as they don’t need to fire long distances.

As a fun and unique touch to the level I added a buffalo that’s been caged and about to be shipped out of the camp. You can free it to distract or even neutralize enemies.

Working with the Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor

The editor that you get with Far Cry 5 is very straightforward and easy to use. I think that the editor is probably a great gateway for more people to get into mapping but if you’re used to other game editors like Hammer or Radiant it’s a bit limiting to use. For instance there are no scaling tools for assets and the grid movement system is a bit lacking. AI have no patrol routes that you can make but instead use “control zones” which is a small area you can limit the AI to work within and even then they can behave a bit erratically.

Outpost is another game mode in Far Cry 5 and there you have to kill every enemy in the map and I was considering making Castra Frigus an outpost map at first. A big benefit with that mode is that enemies can hit an alarm if they detect the player. The alarm summons reinforcements which makes the consequence of being detected more severe than just alerting people of your presence.

Bounty Hunt doesn’t support any alarm function but I decided to go with Bounty Hunt anyway as the more I tested the map the more important to me it was to let the player decide how to approach progressing the map instead of having to comb every inch of the level for all the enemies to kill. I still think the map would have benefited from the alarm function so I find it a bit odd it’s not supported for more modes.

At the start of this process I set out to make a level that would cater to different playstyles and would have a couple of optional routes for each of the targets locations. To connect these buildings in a fun way was important to me too so the levels three main buildings are all connected so that you could potentially parkour your way through the level.

The blue squares represent control zones that the enemy AI can move within.

Example of parkouring your way from outside the camp to one of the targets.

I am very happy with how the level turned out and making this map was a fun experience. I can easily see myself opening up the editor again to create something fresh and new.